Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Many Ways of Applying Color

There are many ways in applying color in a therapeutic way to the body. They would include colored fabrics,
preferably silk or cotton and you can either lay on, drape over the body or wear. Applying light to the body by means of a color torches
or filters, where with the color torch you can stimulate the meridians
and acupuncture points and small areas such as spots, cuts, burns, etc., or by attaching the filters to a lighting device
and shinning over the entire body or taping in a sunny window and creating colored sun spots. As well, you can make solarized water
, the ways on making it are a few post down the blog,and by working with gems
and crystals. And, also by consumption, getting the colors through the foods you choose. These are a few ways to get you started in healing through color therapy.